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Carlo Gabiana was born in Cebu City South Side, and has been a lifelong resident of the City.

Following a lifelong passion for creative self-expression, as a high school junior he was granted by the almighty with skills in the Visual Arts of tattooing. He then attended different competitions in the art of tattooing namely "PINATIKAY '07" where he placed first in "ON THE SPOT" and "READY MADE" categories.

Carlo also became the Champion in the "Needlepoint Tattoo Competition '07", then he placed 2nd in the "Till Death Do Us Part Tattoo Competition '08", where he also won the "TATTOO OF THE NIGHT AWARD".

Carlo has been a full time tattoo artist and one of the best as a fact in Cebu City.

Carlo also did a lot of tattooing around the country specifically in Boracay and Manila for known artists in both the music and movie industry. Some music artists that had a taste of Carlo's art and needle were Gabby of Urbandub, and members of the band, Powerspoonz. Being successful in his field and profession, he is also continuing to develop and pursue his interest in other fine art mediums such as painting, mixed media collage, and photography.

Tattooing full time since 2001, Carlo has gained international acclaim in the body art community for his thought-provoking, innovative motifs and has become widely recognized by others in the tattoo industry for his combination of fine art and technical tattooing skills. He has shown fine art works in numerous group exhibitions since 2003, and has been featured in every major tattoo art magazine in the country.


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