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Christian Nguyen, Inkvaders

The world-renowned tattoo artist began his career in 1992 and founded his own studio, Inkvaders, in Geneva. Christian Nguyen specializes in Japanese-style tattoos, tattoos in black and gray, and lettering. His clients include celebrities such as the snowboard star Romain de Marchi or John Otto, Fred Durst and Sam Rivers of the band Limp Bizkit. He also designs motifs inspired by tattoo art and hip-hop culture for hip fashion labels (Burton, Vans), watch brands (CVSTOS) and music groups (House of Pain).


Specializes in Japanese Tattoo, Lettering, Black & Grey.
Fascinated by tattoos from an early age.

Christian NGUYEN developed his skills as a draftsman in school and got his first tattoo as a teenager.

He began his professional career in 1992 and has never stopped since.
His vast experience in the field as well as his contacts and reputation has brought him, to Denmark, France, Holland, Japan and even the U.S where he tattoos regularly.

For several years now he has been working in his own studio as well « Inkvaders » in Geneva."



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